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Injury & Claims Management

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Workers compensation insurance is the largest single insurance cost incurred by many organisations. This cost is, however, only a fraction of the total cost incurred by an organisation when injuries arise in the workplace.

The related costs arising from prosecutions, brand damage, costs of replacement labour and lost productivity, to name a few, can generate costs in the many multiples of the premium spend incurred.

The costs of workers compensation is only one lens through which to understand the impact of injuries which prevent your workforce from coming to work and performing their pre-injury roles.

The rising impact of non-work related conditions on the ability of individuals to work safely and the extended definition of the traditional “workforce” to incorporate contractors, labour hire workers and workers working in remote and offsite locations challenges organisational thinking about keeping workforces fit, productive and engaged.

Many organisations invest heavily in prevention and management of injuries but do not realise the full benefit of these investments.

Establishing a cohesive framework across the spectrum of this risk – from injury prevention and management through to effective insurance management is critical to reducing the costs to the organisation and improving performance.

Our most frequent experience is meeting with executive management teams that are frustrated that safety results are not translating into reduced costs.