Outsourced Services


Outsourcing allows company executives to focus on their business while outside experts manage core activities.

Workers Compensation Services provides best-in-class outsourced solutions that are streamlined and cost-effective.

As well as freeing up precious time and resources, many of our clients have been able to invest in superior capabilities they would otherwise have been unable to afford.


We currently provide outsourced management services to many public and private sector clients across Australia.

These range from full-time multi-skilled teams to part-time or a day-a-month models in general insurance management services, risk management services and the management of workers compensation programmes.

Our clients enjoy a cost-effective alternative to hiring employees, enabling head offices to focus on their core activities. Not surprisingly, this is a very strong area of growth.

Benefits of our outsourced management services

1. You can count on our experience. We specialise in engaging the highest calibre experts in this field. Many members of our team have over 20 years’ experience in a range of industries and professions.

2. This means our clients can access a broader range of expertise rather than a single point of contact.

3. Because of our broad industry experience, we ensure the management process is streamlined and time-efficient. This reduces the time and cost measured against the cost of a full-time employee.

4. Our team maintains excellent levels of self-improvement and professional development, ensuring clients enjoy the best and most up-to-date advice.

5. Because we provide a team to manage programmes, there is no need for our clients plan for absenteeism or periods of extended leave. We provide the resources to ensure your programs are continually monitored and managed.

When you may require our services

1. You do not have a dedicated staff with the appropriate technical knowledge or experience who manage your workers compensation programmes.

2. Your workers compensation or injury management professional has resigned or taken a leave of absence and you need a temporary replacement.

3. You cannot find an individual with the range of skills, experience or flexibility to fulfil a vacant position.

4. You cannot find an individual within your budget to fulfil a vacant position.

Our Services

Review & Opportunity Assessment

Find out how your organisation can improve the cost-effectiveness and coverage of workers compensation programmes

Service Provider Management

Tap into a network of preferred providers that can help you achieve the best workplace outcomes

Outsourced Services

Outsourcing allows company executives to focus on the core business while outside experts manage non-essential activities

Mergers & Acquisition

We have particular expertise working with Private Equity firms and corporate organisations that are acquiring businesses

Management System Design

We can help you design and implement robust injury management and workers compensation processes in your organisation

Injury & Claims Management

Access industry experts who can help your organisation avoid increased costs and poor outcomes for your business and your employees