Management System Design


Many companies have developed a safety system that is of a reasonable standard; very few however have in place systems of equivalent standard in relation to injury management and workers compensation. Fewer still have systems which work cohesively with other management frameworks such as human resources or quality management.

Workers Compensation Services is engaged to assist organisations to design and implement robust injury management and workers compensation processes, procedures, frameworks and resources developed in line with best practice guidelines, standards and regulations.

The aim is to develop and implement a management system that is fully integrated within your business operating alongside your other systems such as safety, human resources and quality.

Benefits of utilising Workers Compensation Services

1. Ensuring that your organisation has in place compliant management systems and resourcing in accordance with the legislation.

2. Opportunities to improve outcomes and achieve cost reductions through better alignment of resources, internal and external.

3. Opportunities to access alternate programme structures – self-insurance, retro paid loss etc. that would reduce overall costs to the organisation.

4. Cost reductions through an improvement in the role definition and service delivery of external providers.

5. Cost reductions through improved efficiency of internal resources.

When to engage this service

Your organisation may need to consider design and implementation of improved management systems if:

1. You are not clear about what you workers compensation costs are or why.

2. You are not confident that the resources you have in place are adequate.

3. Your insurance programme costs are high and/or increasing.

4. You have not undertaken a review or audit previously.

5. You are considering alternate insurance programme options such as self-insurance or retro paid loss arrangements.

6. Legislative changes have been introduced by the Regulator.

Our Services

Review & Opportunity Assessment

Find out how your organisation can improve the cost-effectiveness and coverage of workers compensation programmes

Service Provider Management

Tap into a network of preferred providers that can help you achieve the best workplace outcomes

Outsourced Services

Outsourcing allows company executives to focus on the core business while outside experts manage non-essential activities

Mergers & Acquisition

We have particular expertise working with Private Equity firms and corporate organisations that are acquiring businesses

Management System Design

We can help you design and implement robust injury management and workers compensation processes in your organisation

Injury & Claims Management

Access industry experts who can help your organisation avoid increased costs and poor outcomes for your business and your employees